Commercial Space Heaters by Alkota can provide portable heat to many locations with only 115v outlet required. Both industrial heating units are designed to run on diesel fuel or kerosene. Our commercial space heaters feature large fuel tanks that are meant to last you more than an 8-hour work day. Also thermostats can be used to control your fuel usage and keep your temperature steady. Alkota industrial heater can be used in a number of applications including; shops, loading docks, livestock buildings, grain drying, construction sites, ground thawing, and many more. Alkota gives you the customer the choice if you need air movement or radiant heat. The RH150 & RH126 deliver heat fast and exactly where you require it without air movement. The 210SH offers immediate heat circulated throughout your required heating area. With the support of your local Alkota distributor we can find the correct solution for you.

Kerosene/Diesel Industrial Space Heaters