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Did your Alkota pressure washer manual get lost in the move, covered in mud or oil, or perhaps you bought your equipment used and it didn't come with a manual?

Well, you're in luck! Simply scan the QR code for a manual directory right on your phone, or simply visit -

If the manual doesn't answer your questions, be sure to check out our support page or connect with your local distributor.

Below is a sample serial plate that should be attached to your machine. Here you will find your serial number.

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PSI Power Washers

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About Us

PSI Power Washers is a proud distributor of Alkota Cleaning Systems in Wilmont. We are dedicated to cleaning your messes and taking care of our customers with our wide range of power washers, steam cleaners, heaters, and water treatment systems. Our team is always ready to help you find the right cleaning system for the job. More Info

Alkota Pressure Washers Used in Antarctica Ice Drilling Project

Antarctic Drill
Scientists and engineers have reached a subglacial Antarctic lake for the first time using a hot-water drill system that was designed and built by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and engineers from the Northeast Professional Engineering Consultants Group. Read More
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